About Covenant Learning Community:

Community Focused
  • Create Farm-to-Table Restaurant as community outreach and student project
  • Establish business partnerships to supply workforce
  • Place students in co-ops, apprentice and internship positions based on business needs
  • Connect aspiring entrepreneurs with small business owners
  • Partner with and support other local non-profits

School Design
  • One-half day on-line academic instruction at student’s pace with teacher support
  • One-half day training and/or taking college courses based on student career choice
  • Students receive diploma when work is completed
  • School calendar extended to 204 days
  • Focus on individual needs and talents through interviews

Students to be Served
Although our school is open to all students, our focus is on at-risk urban students who learn best with a hands-on approach.

Interviews will be conducted with students and families to ensure success based on skills, talents and interests.

The first school we have planned, the Career, Life, College Academy, will serve all students. Many of our students could be the first to graduate in their families from high school. Many of them will be the first family member to attend college.

We will partner with community colleges to give college credit to our students in chosen career
pathways, while they are taking courses for high school credit. Students who never even dreamed of going to college will earn college credit and experience the reality of being a college student.
Purpose for School
Primarily, the purpose of our school is to serve young adults who are either victims of generational poverty or those who could easily accept this lifestyle as a pattern for their lives. Our vision is to establish k12 facilities in urban areas across the state of Ohio, creating a "cradle to career" pipeline.

Another purpose of our school is to connect employers with a future workforce and older business owners with potential entrepreneurs (students) who could work as apprentices and eventually purchase neighborhood businesses where they are employed.

The end result should be the renewal of neighborhoods and the sustaining and planting of businesses. In conclusion, we plan to directly address the workforce needs of the community, giving students a future and a hope, while attacking the problem of generational poverty.
Educational Model

Our school design is significantly different from the current public school structure. Instead of 180 days on the school calendar, we plan to have students attend 204 days.

Students will work in partnership with local businesses as part of their educational experience. Primarily, the academic portion of the curriculum will be offered on line and as part of embedded in projects within their career choice.

For example, auto service students could earn English credit for creating a brochure and business plan. We plan to plant student-run businesses and form partnerships with local business owners to act as classrooms, so that young adults can be trained to be entrepreneurs. Thus, we will give them ownership of their learning, while engaging in urban renewal by enabling students to work with local business owners with the intentions of students purchasing local businesses, renewing and strengthening neighborhoods.

Teachers will have a common planning period each day to create interdisciplinary projects. School will be closed for the month of July, with students attending in approximate six-week intervals.
Students will work at their own pace, and receive diplomas when they have met the requirements of curriculum, not in the usual time of four years. Individualized education will offer flexible learning rather than restricting them to the traditional framework of four years of learning. This gives them an opportunity to become part of the workforce earlier using the skills they have learned in their college courses and work experience..

The Career, Life, College Academy will have a student advisory group open to any student who wants to be part of the decision making process. Our goal is to raise young adults who graduate, attempt post-secondary options, acquire industry credentials, and learn life survival skills. Our plan is to establish a Farm-to-Table restaurant run by students to serve the community and the student body.


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